EVTC shares learning framework and pre-readings before the workshop.
The EVTC platform includes learners to take up online courses even with less bandwidth and who have weaker online connections.
The EVTC engages learners with applied learning in the virtual class with online labs.
The EVTC Learning Sessions will be concise to no more than 60 minutes per session. This limit will help learners be more motivated and focused during class activities and discussions. The EVTC will have multiple sessions with breaks in between.
Breaks, Videos and open questions to reenergize learners and surprise them with the effectiveness of a 60-minute class.
Peer-to-Peer learning will help learners to review concepts from the class while enhancing their communication, critical thinking skills and teamwork.
EVTC completes the learning cycle with online assessments using online tool BenchmarkIQ.