Excel for Finance & Accounts Professionals

Software tools enable us to be more productive and efficient. Learn how to leverage the powerful features of Excel for accounting, auditing and other finance tasks.  Explore the use of Excel as an audit and analysis tool, as well as, selected features that help prepare accurate reports. Explore how certain fraud analysis may be accomplished with Excel, including the implementation of Benford's law.


This in-depth two-day course introduces Microsoft Excel users to the advanced features of the software applications. Participants would be able to utilize the use of Excel for accounting purposes such as using Lists in Excel, working with Pivot Tables, Common Sizing using worksheets and working with Charts. In-class exercises will involve use of Excel tools for accountants, Scenarios, Payment and Depreciations functions. After completing this course, students would be able to make the most of Excel in line with accounting tasks.

The course does not use Excel VBA and is totally non-technical.