Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness – What It Is and Why It Matters
Assertiveness  Defined

Progress Begins with Self-Awareness
Your Assertiveness Profile
The Role Of Attitude
Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
Aids to Self-Esteem

Building Your Assertiveness
Your Needs, Wants, Interests, Values, and Goals
Your Goals
Speaking Up For What Matters To You At Work

Assertive Nonverbal Communication
The Power Of Nonverbal Communication
Five Dimensions Of Nonverbal Communication
Align Your Verbal And Nonverbal Communication

Assertiveness Opportunities at Work
Developing Positive Visibility At Work

Addressing the Needs and Interests of Others
Evaluating Your Listening Skills: A Self-Assessment
Three Levels Of Listening
Cultural Barriers To Communicating Needs And Interests

Assertiveness and Dealing with Difficult People
Four Techniques For Dealing With Difficult People
Disarming The Workplace Bully