Advanced Interpersonal Communication

Communication Styles and Methods
Communication Styles
Communication Styles: Primary
Communication Styles: Secondary
Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
Using Verbal Communication
Using Nonverbal Methods


First Impression and Building Rapport
The Importance of First Impression
Identifying Elements of First Impression
Communicating to Build Rapport
Building Rapport
Establishing Credibility
Building Positive Relationships
Asking Questions


Building Relationships through Feedback
Importance of Providing Feedback
Using Paraphrasing
Providing Feedback
Providing Positive Feedback

Providing Constructive Feedback


Understanding Supervisor Styles
Handling Ineffective Supervisors
Promoting an Idea
Handling Human Resource Issues
Negotiating a Raise
Handling Resignation


Colleagues and Subordinates
Communicating With Colleagues
Responding to a Colleague’s Idea
Communicating With Subordinates
Refusing a Subordinate’s Request
Handling Dismissal


Customers and Vendors
Communicating With Customers
Responding to Complaints
Communicating With Vendors
Rejecting a Vendor’s Proposal
Complaining to a Vendor


Organizational Culture
Understanding Organizational Cultures
Socializing to the Culture
Organizational Culture Elements
Identifying Organizational Culture
Cultural Networks
Using Cultural Networks
Roles in Cultural Networks