PowerPoint My Way

Making Life Easy: Keyboard Shortcuts
PowerPoint 2013
General Shortcuts
Rehearse/Record Shortcuts
Media Shortcuts
Ink/Laser Pointer Shortcuts
Touch Shortcuts
PowerPoint 2010
General Shortcut
Media Shortcuts
PowerPoint 2007
General Shortcuts

The Starting Point
Creating Presentations
Using Backstage view to create presentations
New blank presentations
Using Slides from Other Presentations
Reusing slides
Slide Libraries

The PowerPoint File
Using templates
Using themes
Using modified themes
Creating themes
Slides Masters
Working with slide masters
Elements of a slide master
Header and footer elements
Graphical elements
Changing the font and font size on a slide master
Modifying bullets on a slide master
Inserting slide masters
Slide master backgrounds
Slide master placeholders
Applying multiple slide masters
Deleting slide masters
The handout master and notes master

On A Slide
Formating Text
Character and paragraph formatting
The Font group and the Mini toolbar
Changing the font, size, and color of text
The Format Painter
Changing the bullet stules
Numbered lists
Modifying Text
Editing efficiently
The Find and Replace commands
The Cut nad Paste commands
The Copy command
The Clipboard pane
Formatting Paragraphs
Text alignment
Line spacing
Smart Diagram
Customizing SmartArt Graphics
Using SmartArt to communicate a message
Converting text to a SmartArt graphic
Converting an object to a SmartArt graphic
Converting a SmartArt graphic to text or shapes
Applying a different layout
Resizing individual shapes in a SmartArt graphic
Changing associate shapes
Creating and modifying SmartArt
Creating a hierarchy chart
Modifying diagrams
Creating and modifying charts
Inserting charts
Changing the chart type
Formatting charts
Using tables
Adding tables
Modifying tables
Formatting tables
Cell fill options
Using images in a presentation
Working with pictures
The Adjust group
The Picture Styles, Arrange, and Size Groups
Arranging and grouping items
Photo Albums
Creating photo album presentations
Video and Audio
Working with video and audio clips
Video Tools
Audio clips
Audio Tools
Compressing media
Embedding and Linking Content
Embedding and linking Office files
Linking documents
Linking specific content
Speaker Notes
Working with speaker notes
Adding headers and footers to notes pages
Adding Narration
Recording a slide show
Using a laser pointer
Playing narrations
Removing timings & narration
Working with animation
The Animations tab
The Animation group
The Advanced Animation group
The Timing group
Working with the Animation pane
Customizing an animation effect
The Animation Painter

On All Slides
Rearranging and Deleting Slides
Reordering and removing slides
Moving slides in Normal view
Using slides Sorter view
Deleting and duplicating slides
Transitions and Timings
Working with transitions
Transition effects fro individual slides
Applying transition effects to the entire presentation
Applying transition effects to selected slides
Setting timings for a slide show
Rehearsing slide show timings
Adding narration
Custom Navigation
Working with Hyperlinks
Interactive Elements
Custom Slides Shows
Working with the Custom Shows feature
Editing custom slide shows

Using to the File
Running Presentations
Previewing and running presentations in Slide Show view
Reading view
Hiding and unhiding slides
Printing Presentations
Previewing slides in black and white
Changing the page setup
Printing presentations
Printing individual slides
Print output options
Creating PDF, PowerPoint Show
Creating Videos
Broadcasting a Slide Show Online
Showing your presentation online
Using the Broadcast Slide Show feature