Excel Beyond Basics

This course teaches the functions and features of Excel beyond the entry level look and feel skills. Students will learn how to enter and edit text, values & formulas. Students will learn about absolute and relative references, and work with ranges, rows, and columns. This course also covers basic formatting techniques and detailed printing options. Finally, students will get a feel of powerful Excel features like IF and LOOKUP Functions, Conditional Formatting, Pivot Tables and Charts.

Data – Numbers and Text in Excel

Entering Numbers and Text

Overflowing Numbers and Text

Editing Numbers and Text

Selecting Multiple Cells

Autofill: Numbers, Months, Days of Week, Dates

Removing Duplicates

Calculations Concept

Relative and Absolute Reference

Use of F4 Key

Entering Formulas

Using The Mouse to Enter Cell References in Formulas

Editing Formulas – Using F2 Key

The Order of Evaluation: BODMAS

Using Parentheses to Change the Order

Entering Functions

The Structure of Functions

The =SUM() Function

Using the Mouse to Enter Range References

Entering Functions in the Formula Bar

Inserting Functions

Applying AutoSum

Formatting Numbers, Text, Reports

Number Formatting

Dates Formatting

Text Formatting

Row and Column Formatting

Additional Formatting Options: Styles

Other Advanced Formatting

Merging Cells

Wrapping Text

Transposing Data

Using Paste Special Operations

Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

Viewing Large Worksheets

Locking Row and Columns Heading in Place

Hiding and Unhiding Worksheets

Minimizing the Ribbon to see more of the Worksheet

Using Multiple Worksheets

Inserting Worksheets

Moving and Copying Worksheets

Deleting Worksheets

Naming Worksheets

Coloring Worksheets Tab

Linking Worksheets

Linking Workbooks



Preparing to Print

Using the Spelling Checker

Using Page Break Preview

Page Setup Options

Page Orientation

Page Size 



Custom Headers and Footers

Print Titles: Rows or Column to Repeat

Printing Worksheets

Power of IF and VLOOKUP – a Teaser

=IF() Function

=VLOOKUP() Function

Conditional Formatting – the Basics


Highlight Cell Rule

Top-Bottom Rule

Finding Duplicate

Intro - Pivot Tables

Reports with ZERO Errors & ZERO Formulas

Using Styles to Format Pivot Reports


Intro - Charts

Creating Charts with One Key Press!

The FOUR Critical Steps

Pie and Column Charts

Relevant Shortcuts